As the Crow Flies

‘As the Crow Flies’ is a detailed study of how Crowie joined triathlon’s greatest champions.

“It’s not just about winning. It’s about doing all the little things, putting the processes in place for that positive outcome – and a good race day performance.“
- Craig Alexander

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Five-time triathlon world champion, Craig Alexander, has entered the sport’s most exclusive inner circle of all-time victors. When Alexander broke a 15-year course record to win his third Ironman® World Championship in 2011, “Crowie” joined Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and Peter Reid as one of triathlon’s greatest champions. Crowie’s book, As the Crow Flies: My Journey to Ironman World Champion, reveals his approach, his training, and the relationships that delivered the race performance he says was a decade in the making.

As the Crow Flies is available in bookstores, bike and tri shops, and online.

In his own words and through striking photographs from acclaimed sports photographer Paul K. Robbins, Crowie shows what it takes to race at the elite level—and how he balances the work of triathlon with his first priority, his wife Neri and their young kids, Lucy and Austin.

Epic workouts, gruelling travel, record-setting race performance, giving back to sponsors and the sport—these are the tools of Crowie’s trade, not to mention sleek wetsuits, cutting-edge time trial bikes, and technical footwear. While those who know the sport of triathlon intimately will say that performance is determined by how triathletes put the three disciplines together, As the Crow Flies shows that winning major races comes from working toward excellence in every aspect of the triathlon way of life.

As the Crow Flies offers triathletes and sports enthusiasts a beautiful, intimate, and honest portrait of the life and work of professional triathlete Craig “Crowie” Alexander, five-time triathlon world champion and one of the sport’s most successful athletes.

As the Crow Flies: My Journey to Ironman® World Champion

Craig Alexander, photography by Paul K. Robbins
Hardcover with jacket, 218 photographs throughout

“He is meticulous and relentless in his approach to training and applying his craft to the competitive elements of the race. His incredible journey is captured in this brilliant book As the Crow Flies. Not only does it cover his Ironman world record in Kona at the 2011 Championships but it pictorially captures the true essence of the highs and lows of an incredible person and a phenomenal champion.”
- Dave Scott, 6x Ironman World Champion

“As the Crow Flies follows Australia’s Ironman great, Craig Alexander, on another record-breaking season. This book contains amazing images to complement Craig’s incredible work ethic and personal insights. A blue print for success from an incredibly focused athlete.”
- Craig Bellamy, Coach of the NRL Melbourne Storm Rugby League Team

“Craig Alexander fans will read about the skill, dedication and passion required to be an Ironman® world champion. In the photography world, Paul K. Robbins is one of our Ironmen… Robbins’ body of photographs is a work of art. Simply brilliant.”
- Peter Eastway, AIPP Grand Master of Photography, Publisher Better Photography Magazine

“Craig Alexander’s new book, As The Crow Flies, is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the greatest athletes the sport of triathlon has ever seen… This is a must-read for any fan of the sport of triathlon.”
- John Duke, Vice President of Global Sponsorship Sales, Ironman®

“Being the best in the world isn’t just about finishing first. Fundamentally, it’s predicated on the choices made each and every day to simply be outstanding, especially when it’s the last thing you feel like doing. In his book, Craig openly shares the plethora of choices he made and still makes every day, that have been essential to his consistent success—and ultimately the most admired and respected Ironman® world champion in history.”
- Paul Burgess, founder and CEO of Link-up International

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