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Age Doesn’t Stop Roberts’ 24th St Albert Triathlon Alberta

August 16th, 2013

Seventy year old Richard Roberts will compete in his 24th straight St Albert Triathlon on Sunday.

Richard Roberts has never missed a single St Albert Triathlon.

“It has been one of the better triathlons in Alberta and I’m glad to be a part of it,” said the athletic 70-year-old from St Albert. “It’s always such a fun thing. You never know what’s going to happen, but the main thing about it are the memories of the races themselves and the people I’ve met along the way through the good races and the bad races”, he told the St Albert Gazette.

The retired school principal’s goal is to beat his wife, Catherine, a keen triathlon competitor herself.

“The last six years we’re even. She’s beaten me three times and I’ve beaten her three times,” he said.

Roberts was living in Wabasca when he decided to enter the inaugural St Albert Triathlon Alberta in preparing for his first Ironman.

“I had only been in the sport for a couple of years at the time. When I first got into the triathlons my goal was to do it long enough so I can work my way into doing an Ironman. I did my Ironman and I realized I didn’t want to do Ironman, it just takes too much out of your life to train for them. It was about three or four years of doing the St Albert Triathlon that I decided I would rather stick with the sprint ones and I kept doing it and doing it,” said Roberts, who moved to St Albert after his second triathlon in the city. “I think it was after six years I could say I was the only one that had done all of them and I thought I might as well keep the streak going. All of my family (two boys and a girl) has done it too.”

This story was sourced from the St Albert Gazette. You can view the full article here.

70 year old, Richard Roberts. Photo from the St. Albert Gazette

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