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Bell: Prince of Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2013

August 21st, 2013

Prince Frederik of Denmark competed in his first ever Ironman in Copenhagen whilst Australian Luke Bell overcame cramping to win Ironman North American Championship Mont-Tremblant 2013.

Frederik is best known to us Aussies as the prince who married his Australian wife Mary while watching the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He finished with a respectable time of 10:45:32 at Ironman Copenhagen. The prince is known to be quite the sports fanatic, particularly with sailing, having competed in Australia at the Farr 40 World Championships and at the Masters Games.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Aussie Luke Bell has showed good form to win his second Ironman race. What was more impressive was that he managed to break a course record with a time of 8:26:06 even after stopping multiple times to nurse his cramps. Bell made his move 16km into the bike course erasing a 25 second behind defending champion Romain Guillaume and Australian Paul Ambrose, to create a 1:24 lead for himself.

Things looked like they might have turned for the worse 20km into the run as cramp set in for his leg. Bell was forced to stop another three times but it would not matter as the in-form Australian would go on to create a new course record, giving him much needed confidence leading into Kona. American Brandon Marsh ran himself into second place and Ironman UK Champ Daniel Halksworth added another podium finish for third.

American Mary Beth Ellis showed why she was the favourite in the women’s by dominating the race. Like Bell, she made her move on the bike and asserted her dominance in the marathon. She finished with a time of 9:07:56, almost 9 minutes ahead of second placed finisher, Rebekah Keat. German Anja Beranek finished third.

Beranek looked good on the bike, but Ellis pulled away from the competition early on in the second lap of the two-loop course. Coming off the bike, Ellis had roughly 11 minutes on Beranek. The American would be too strong and showed why she was the race favourite.

This post was sourced from News and Ironman.

Luke Bell on the bike. Photo from HeraldSun

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