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Craig Alexander Ironman Interview with Colorado Daily

June 30th, 2013

As he prepares for Vineman in less than three weeks Craig recently sat down for an ironman interview with the Colorado Daily to give his thoughts about Boulder, balancing work with his family, and his future in Ironman. With the recent news of Boulder holding a full Ironman race in 2014 Craig believed it was only about time it happened.

“It’s great news for the tri community. Obviously I’ve been coming up here for 10 years now. Boulder used to be the place to train in the ’80s and ’90s and then I guess there was a little bit of a lull, but the last seven to 10 years has seen a resurgence.”

Being an Ironman is not easy so just imagine trying to also be a father of three. He is quick to credit his wife for helping him juggle between being an Ironman and a dad.

“It’s good and it’s bad, and the good outweighs the bad. I remember when my wife was pregnant with our first, I was worried about how it was going to impact training. The main thing is, I’m lucky I’ve got a very supportive wife who’s very organized. I quickly realized when the first one was born, what you lose in terms of maybe sleep and a few other things is made up and then some with the emotional well-being that you have from being a dad.

They just fit in. They fit in with everybody else. It is hard because I think what happens is as you get older, I think you get smarter as an athlete. You learn how to fine-tune things and maximize your time investment in the training. But you also have to match the commitment and the desire of the younger athletes. The kind of commitment and desire I used to have, that’s what gets hard. Physically you can still compete in a sport, like triathlon, in your 40s, but it’s more mentally: Are you still prepared to sacrifice time away from the family? My wife has always made it possible that we travel together.”

Finally, Craig opened up about the future of his career and where his head space is at.

“Every season is a new season for me. I don’t really spend too much time dwelling on what’s happened in the past because it doesn’t make any difference to what’s going to happen this year.

I’m not winding my career down. A lot of people are trying to wind it down for me, and honestly, when you get to my age those questions are inevitable because how long can you keep going? I wonder myself.

The thing for me it’s a year-by-year proposition. I haven’t noticed any decline physically, that’s the first thing. The second thing is mentally; I’m still motivated, still prepared to do all the things I need to do. The third thing and most important thing is family. We take it one year at a time. I wonder, just like everyone else, is this the year where I start slowing down. From what I’ve seen, I’ve raced three times this year — I’ve won two and had a third. I haven’t set the world on fire, but the bigger races come later in the year. I think my performances have been really good. If anything, I’ve seen improvements in a couple of areas across the board.

It’s another year and another opportunity to try to win a world title. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The original Craig Alexander interview can be found here.

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