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Craig Alexander Triathlete Training Day Part Four

July 9th, 2013

A continuation from part three, Craig Alexander talks about some of his experiences as a professional triathlete training for the Ironman World Championships.

“I think Ironman is a tough event and there’s no escaping and you’ve got to do the volume at some point. At my age, it’s not the kind of session I do every day or every week. It’s a once or twice a year type thing. Usually I do it once up here at altitude. It’s not the kind of session you do when you’re building into fitness. You need to have a bit of fitness behind you just to get through it. I love the challenge and I’m not going to lie, it’s nerve-racking. Last year was a very stressful year. After winning the first one and defending the first time, it felt like a fun year, everything was fun, free and easy. You go and validate yourself as an athlete in some degrees by defending. A lot of personal satisfaction comes with that. It’s one thing to win, it’s another thing to win when everyone is looking at you and factoring their race strategy around you. You’re expected to win. To come through in those circumstances is very rewarding.”

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