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Craig Alexander Triathlete Training Day Part Two

July 2nd, 2013

A continuation from part one, Craig Alexander talks about some of his experiences as a professional triathlete training for the Ironman World Championships.

“I think about Boulder, is sometimes it’s hard because there are established rides and people turn up. I think you just have to be disciplined enough and confident enough to know what your session is, and what the goals for your session are and stick to them.”

“Whether it’s a race or training, I just love to challenge myself. I thrive on that. For me thats what it’s all about. It’s a personal challenge to be the best I can be. It’s a very simple thing, but it’s a commitment I made to myself a long time ago, and I love it. I don’t get tired of it. For me the motivation, the fire still burns as strong as ever. I love the sport now more than I’ve ever loved it. I love being outdoors and I love to give it to myself in training, the aspect of no one around me out there. What I love about this sport is its a physical challenge, and it’s a mental challenge and I’m more motivated than ever.”

Part one of this video can be viewed here.

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