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Craig Alexander’s Road to Kona Series with Toyota

April 28th, 2013

How far can one person go? The Road to Kona series shows how Craig Alexander grew to become an icon of sport and physical ability.

Episode 1: Explore the inspiring Hawaiian landscape of Kona, the setting where Craig rose to fame and conquered the longest of triathlons three times. In Craig’s open and frank confessional, he reveals what his best years were, what makes it rewarding and how his obsessive like devotion to the sport keeps him going day in and day out.

Episode 2: Craig Alexander, 2x Hawaiian Ironman champion talks life, sport and family.

Episode 3: Craig Alexander takes us through his preparation of the swim leg.

Episode 4: Craig Alexander takes us through his ride preparation.

Episode 5: Craig Alexander takes us through his run preparation.

Episode 6: Craig arrives in Hawaii in preparation for the race.

Episode 7: It’s race day, with each leg Craig has to battle the other triathletes to stay in contention.

Episode 8: Craig describes the emotion of finishing the race, he gave his all. His analysis of his strategy and his disappointment at placing a very credible fourth place.

Episode 9: Post race after 11 months of intense training, Craig talks about the future and if there might be another attempt next year.

Episode 10: In the Recovery and Rebound, Craig talks about his change in strategy for the road ahead.


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