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Craig Makes it Two in a Row in Ironman 70.3 Kansas

June 12th, 2013

All the talk leading up to Ironman 70.3 Kansas was centred on the participation of one former two-time Superbowl champ, Hines Ward, but Craig showed why he’s a three-time champion with his second victory in a row.

Fresh off a dominating win in Hawaii last week, Craig started Ironman 70.3 Kansas strongly coming out of the water in third behind Americans Gavin Anderson and James Hadley. He wasted no time and shot out to a small lead in the bike split. However, last year’s Steelhead 70.3 champion, Daniel Bretscher pushed Craig all the way closing the gap to just 45 seconds in T2. By the end, Bretscher actually had a faster bike time of 2:09:54 to Craig’s 2:10:08. Our three-time Kona champion did not buckle under the American’s pressure, pushing further ahead in the run split and opening a 1 minute gap. Having to fight, he pushed it further deep into the run, widening the gap to roughly a minute and a half. The gap was enough to hand Craig not only his second victory of the year, but his second victory in a row in a span of two weeks! Craig finished with an overall time of 3:51:26, whilst Bretscher was very impressive with a 3:52:54. Hadley rounded out the top three with a 3:59:07.

In the women’s race Emma-Kate Lidbury of Great Britain dominated Ironman 70.3 Kansas through and through, starting from the swim where she created a 2 minute lead over nearest rival Missy Kuck. She led the way on the bike with a time of 2:24:13. It would be the run however, where Kuck’s focus would be on. Having opened a two minute lead on bike in Raleigh, she was caught by Laura Bennett to finish in second. Determined not to make the same mistake again, Kuck created herself a huge gap of 5 minutes over Mandy McLane, who was second off the bike. In the end Kuck ran to a comfortable win with an overall time of 4:15:49. Danielle Kehoe outran McLane to make up the top 3 in second and third respectively.

We all know Craig is one of the best runners in Ironman, but he was fantastic on the bike considering the multiple changes of elevation he had to deal with. Check out the infographic below to see what he had to deal with in both the run and the bike.

Kansas Bike Elevation Graphic

Kansas Run Graphic

This post was sourced from Ironman. The original article can be found here.

Craig pushing it on the bike in Kansas 2013Craig on the bike in Kansas Photo taken from

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