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Craig wins Ironman Hawaii 70.3

June 3rd, 2013

Craig absolutely blitzed it up over the weekend at 2013 Ironman Hawaii 70.3, dominating a field which included defending world champion Pete Jacobs and fellow Australian Paul Matthews. Taking the lead on the bike, Craig never looked like losing and cruised to his first victory of the year.

Defending world champion Pete Jacobs looked to have continued his 2012 form and did not seem too bothered from his leg injury suffered earlier in the year, having taken the lead in the swim. Craig was hanging with the pack in fifth and eleven seconds behind Jacobs. It was the bike split where Craig made his move, opening a twenty three second lead over then second placed Matthews by the 12.8 mile mark. The lack of race fitness seemed to have gotten the better of Jacobs who fell behind the lead by about a minute into third position. Craig’s dominance was no more evident than in the run split as he saw off a brief fight from Matthews to create a six a half minute lead by the time he crossed the finish line for his maiden 2013 win.

Craig's umeke bowl trophy

Craig’s umeke bowl trophy

Hawaii has been a kind place to Craig, who has won the Ironman World Championship in Kona three times and has now picked up a first place in Kohala. Hawaii holds a special place in Ironman history as the birthplace of the iconic event. Regarded as one of the most honoured and prestigious events, every competitors’ eyes are set on just getting to Kona, let alone winning it. The Hawaiian races are also special as they steeped with the rich culture and tradition of the island. Athletes compete throughout the many breathtaking landscapes Hawaii has to offer, from the Kohala Coast to the laval deserts. Winning the event nets you an Umeke Bowl trophy, which resembles the traditional wooden bowls Hawaiians would painstakingly carve out. In Hawaiian culture, the umeke is a holder of all things sacred, representing honour and accomplishment. It’s then no surprise to see why Craig and Hawaii are so perfectly matched.

Come celebrate with Craig and watch his victory speech down below.

Craig Alexander crossing the finish line!

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