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Crowie Recaps Kona 2013

October 26th, 2013

Crowie sits down with Xtri to recap his experiences and thoughts about his performance at the Ironman World Championship 2013 in Kona.

The three-time Ironman World Champion is adamant Kona 2013 is his last. After all these years of racing, Craig believes it’s time for him to dedicate more time for his young family.

Having announced that this year’s Kona would be his last, Craig was asked how he felt at the beginning of the race.

“I wasn’t really thinking at the start line that this would be my last go around in Kona. It was more something I had been thinking about in the lead up to the race. Apart from the actual training, there is just so much more you need to do in terms of recovery, particularly as you get older. I am just not prepared to sacrifice all that family time anymore.”

Craig also recapped some of the issues he faced during the race.

“I had no major issues, just the accumulative effect of smaller ones. Just things that everybody tends to have to deal with during the course of a race like Kona. Our baby daughter Lani, got sick a week before the race and I picked up whatever she had. To be honest, I still felt pretty good though. I also got a puncture about 4 miles into the ride, just before we hit Palani on the way out of town. I probably only lost 60-90sec to the lead group of 25-30 guys who I had been riding with but it was a hard chase to catch back up. In hindsight, I probably should have been a little more patient and paced my chase better but I was concerned as all the major players were in the group and they were moving fast. I think the energy I used in the chase to catch the group and then move back towards the front, cost me after the turn in Hawi.”

Head over to Xtri to read the rest of the interview where Craig shares his thoughts about the race results and his intentions for the future.

Craig competing at Kona. Photo from xtri.comCraig competing at Kona. Photo from

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