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Crowie Top 10 Day Gear

April 9th, 2013

Top 10 Day Gear

Craig Alexander provides stylish Top 10 list for what to wear when out and about during the day.

10 TYR Red Line Men’s Printed Boardshorts

The Red Line Boardshort is the perfect go-to piece after the competition has ended. Inspired by the raw ambition of sport, the Red Line Printed Boardshort is designed for people who like making themselves stronger, faster and more comfortable.

TYR Red Line Men's Printed Boardshorts


9 RoadID Men’s Vintage T-Shirt

After a gruelling race, you deserve the best type of comfort. That’s where the Road ID Vintage T-Shirt comes in. Made from a 100% cotton and using an earth-friendly vintage printing process, you’ll not only feel comfortable, but also be comfortable knowing you’ve done the right thing.

RoadID Men's Vintage T-Shirt


8 RoadID Trucker Hat

Your hair will thank you for this hat. Featuring a breathable mesh back and an adjustable tab, it’s going to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Road ID Trucker Hat


7 Pacific Fit Elastic Tubes

Although one piece of elastic tubing with handles on either end is fine, a few different tubes with varying levels of resistance can offer you more variety for exercises from pulling to pushing to twisting. For stronger hips and butt and an added calorie-burn you can even tie your legs together with elastic tubes and walk around the house while you’re cleaning or doing laundry.

Pacific Fit Elastic Tubes


6 Red Line Men’s Classic Hooded Sweatshirt

The perfect go-to piece when the competition has ended, The Red Line Women’s Sweatpant has a loose fit, wide leg & an elastic roll down waist.

Red Line Men's Classic Hooded Sweatshirt


5 Oakley Flak Pack XL

The Flak Pack XL offers the large size and durable construction that accommodates any adventure. The backpack has top–zip openings for easy access to three storage compartments. Inside, a variety of specialized pockets deliver easy organization, and padded adjustable shoulder straps keep every excursion comfortable. It also fits laptops up to the size of 17″ with a convenient interior sleeve, making this bag one of the most versatile and durable around.

Oakley Flak Pack


4 TYR Utility Wet/Dry Bag

Designed to keep valuables safe and dry in equipment bags, or to keep wet objects away from dry belongings. A must have for competitions or a day out at the beach.

TYR Utility Wet/Dry Bag


3 iPod Nano 16GB

Chuck all your favourite tunes and never have to worry again. The Nano’s small size and back clip is the perfect companion for training or chilling out.

iPod Nano 16GB


2 Jabra Sport Corded Stereo Headset

Exercising and music listening have always had a bit of a frosty relationship. The Jabra Sport Corded Stereo Headset repairs this by giving you all the comfort you need when listening to your music or talking on your phone while you walk, jog or run to your own beat.With military grade rain, dust and shock protection it is fit for any challenge, indoors or outdoors.

Jabra Sport Corded Stereo Headset


1 Oakley Stephen Murray Signature Series Fuel Cell Sunglasses

These pair of sunglasses honour the brave story of Stephen Murray, a three-time back-to-back X Games and Gravity Games Gold Medalist. In June 2007, he crushed and shattered his vertebrae after an attempted double back flip at the BMX Dirt Finals in Baltimore, rendering him paralysed from the shoulders down. These special edition glasses honour Murray’s strength, determination and the power of the human spirit.

Oakley Stephen Murray Signature Series Fuel Cell Sunglasses

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