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Crowie’s Top 10 Running Gear

April 4th, 2013

Top 10 Running Gear

10 Elite Athletic Tights Black

These compression tights utilise Body Science’s patented technology known as “TARGETED COMPRESSION” to adapt to your muscles.Use this help enhance your performance, reduce muscle injury and aid recovery. They’re also great for a range of purposes from training, running to travel.

Elite Athletic Tights Black


9 Men’s Compression Full Quad Long Shorts Black

By applying specific graded compression to the upper leg these quad shorts provides superior blood flow and muscular support through a range of dynamic flexion and extension movements promoting improved exercise performance.

Mens Compression Full Quad Long Shorts Black


8 Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Shirt Black

A race or match is never won or lost on the day of the event but rather in the countless hours you spend perfecting your craft during training. Ensure you get the most out of your body with the Long Sleeve Top fitted with an MP3 holster, the Long Sleeve Top has been designed to help you train and recover to the max with ease.

Men's Compression Long Sleeve Shirt Black


7 TYR Water Bottle

The low-density polyethylene construction of the TYR Water Bottle means you won’t have to worry about the nasty odours  often associated with plastic bottles and containers. Its non-slip shape also allows it to be versatile in many situations from cycling to running.

TYR Water Bottle


6 Oakley Radar Sunglasses

Be the coolest runner around! Featuring an interchangeable lens design Oakley has also included Hydrophobic™ coating combatting against water and skin oils, making sure nothing gets in your way.

Oakley Radar Sunglasses


5 Headsweats Super Visor

The most popular visor in the triathlon industry and trusted companion of thousands of Ironman® finishers. Features a quick drying fabric shell and a sweatband to keep the sweat away from your eyes.

Headsweats Super Visor


4 Headsweats Newtown Race Hat

This is an athlete’s favorite hat. This lightweight, breathable and fast-drying hat will protect you from the sun and keep you cool and dry. Made with Coolmax and nylon with an adjustable clip in back.

Headsweats Newtown Race Hat


3 Flow Run Shorts 2

The extremely light construction is perfect for runners with an anti-static finish making sure you are comfortable at all times. Inner pocket is also available for your use.

Flow Run Shorts 2


2 Fuel Belt Reflective Race Number Belt

These belts are an industry standard and a top seller and its easy to see why. They’re comfortable, lightweight and race numbers attach easily to elastic cords and stay in place with Lace Locks. 

Fuel Belt Reflective Race Number Belt


1 Newton Lightweight Neutral Performance Trainer

They’re lightweight, fit great and look pretty cool! Useful for both regular everyday training and competition. This model is also a great choice for runners seeking a shoe for short- or mid-distance racing and weekly speed workouts.

Newton Lightweight Neutral Performance Trainer


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