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David Beckham to Compete in Ironman?

November 4th, 2013

Could we be seeing one of the world’s most iconic sports stars competing at an Ironman?

David Beckham is the latest celebrity enamoured with a sport which tests the pain thresholds of both professionals and amateurs in what is regarded as the toughest one-day race in the world.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star is reportedly already in training for next year’s Ironman World Championship in Hawaii – the event his close mate Ramsay completed earlier this month in a little over 14 hours.

Craig, once and aspiring footballer, has offered his services to help Beckham prepare the switch from retired footballer to triathlete.

“I’m hearing the same thing,” Crowie said of Beckham potentially racing the Hawaii ironman triathlon next year.

“I had a chat with Gordon Ramsay in Hawaii and he said Beckham has been helping him train.

“My management has contacted people and said I’d be able to help out.”

Craig said while he would not match it with the elite professionals, he expects Beckham would make an impressive debut in the sport.

“He still trains three hours a day so fitness would not be an issue,”

“He would be great for the sport. Having him race would bring in a whole new audience.”

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David Beckham could turn his talents to triathlons. Source: Darron Cummings / APDavid Beckham could turn his talents to triathlons. Source: Darron Cummings / AP

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