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Interview with Young Triathlete Sam Douglas

August 8th, 2013

Up and comer Sam Douglas recently talked to Slow Twitch about settling into New York, his experiences training in a foreign environment, and his recent results.

Having just placed 2nd at Ironman 70.3 Syracuse, the 21 year old Australian has set up base in New York and will be there for most of the American summer.

Talking to Slow Twitch about moving to New York, “The Big Apple is crazy, there is always something going on and everyone is in a hurry.”

“It’s an insane city at times but I love it. Training here has been a great experience. Prior to moving here, I never thought someone could train to race competitively in New York, but it definitely can be done and if I can train here I think I can now train pretty much anywhere.”

Douglas performed strongly in Syracuse, finishing in 2nd place behind another Australian, Joe Gambles.

“It’s not very often I can say that a race went exactly to plan, but this one was pretty close.”

“Getting off the bike my legs were sore and the run course was brutal, but I had a nice 10-minute gap between myself and John Polson (fellow Aussie), which I wanted because I know Johnny has a solid run leg. I held my pace and finished in 2nd place for my third attempt at 70.3 racing.”

At such a young age, Douglas is definitely one to look out for in the future. Please head on over to Slow Twitch for the full interview.

Sam Douglas at T2 ExitSam Douglas at T2 Exit. Photo from

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