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Craig Alexander’s Triathlon Tips & Tricks – Part 1: Training

April 7th, 2013

Crowie takes a little time out of his schedule to give insight into his Ironman success.

In Craig’s own words, there is no secret to his success — just consistent hard work. If you find something you love to do, you’re going to work at it. and it doesn’t feel like work. Its not just about winning, its about perfecting performance. You learn pretty quickly that the bones of most programs are pretty similar.

With training, there’s different strengths to your bow that you need to fine tune – endurance, strength, speed. Keep motivation – every session should have a goal, otherwise it has no purpose. Structure your training and follow a program. Set goals to reach objectives. The training will have specific goals along the way, because there are specific benchmarks and levels of fitness that you have to attain, on the way to the major goal. The result you get is not determined on that day, but in the 6 months leading up to that day. You need mental preparation, to visualise your goals and to change your mindset. Start asking yourself “Why not me?” instead of “Why me?”, and prepare yourself to embrace the challenge ahead.

To find out more, see the video below.

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