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Crowie speaks with Melbourne Sports Radio

January 20th, 2013

Craig Alexander explains that he didn’t want to write a book, he published a picture book describing his experiences with life and racing.

He received various offers from people once he became the oldest man to win the World Ironman, but was thoroughly impressed when the photo book idea was tossed around. He enjoyed the aspect of an ‘inside the locker room approach’, a behind the scenes look into a world champion triathlete’s life. He also discusses what it was like having the photographer there, how he was great because he was never intrusive, and understood the fact that there is no setting up or redoing a shot. What’s done is done and he did a great job with what was given to him.

How does Crowie balance family life and racing? He says it’s difficult, and finding the balance is really the most challenging aspect of competing in general. Although now his perspective has changed, and he believes that people don’t always retire due to declining performance or lack of winning titles. Some things just take precedence over the sport. But he loves the racing even more than he did when he first started; Crowie says it doesn’t matter at what level one is racing, ‘you feel a challenge to get better, and to become a better athlete’, and that’s what he focuses on.

Listen to the whole interview here.

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