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Ironman Championship Melbourne Australia 2013 race results

March 25th, 2013

Defending Ironman Champion Craig Alexander came in third place at this weekend’s Asia-Pacific Ironman championship after an emotionally charged week.


Craig Alexander choked back tears as he spoke of the emotion surrounding the arrival of his third child during the week before the Asia-Pacific Ironman championship yesterday. Alexander, however refused to use this as an excuse for finishing behind Eneko Llanos from Spain and Belgium’s Ironman world record holder Marino Vanhoenacker.

Lani-May, Alexander’s new daughter was born on Tuesday before the race, and had been in his thoughts during the race as he rode a wave of adrenalin towards the finishing line.

“I think whatever you lack in sleep in a week like that, you make up for in adrenalin and emotion,” he said.

“I thought about my new baby a lot. I have got no excuses. Everyone knew what day the race was.

“I think what happened on Tuesday this week was one of the best things that has ever happened in my life.”

“My personal thoughts are I swam better than last year and probably rode better. But I didn’t really feel it on the run,” he said.

“I felt comfortable in the beginning, but I had a bad patch from about 19km to 29km. I just really struggled. I didn’t give up though.

“That 10km when I struggled, the wind in the hills hurt me. It was a bad patch. I haven’t had a bad patch like that in a race in a long time.

“(It’s my) first race since Kona, (Hawaii, October). I didn’t have any issues with my back like I had there.”

Alexander, 39, admitted he felt lousy for a 40-minute stretch during the marathon. He ended up finishing in third place, just seconds behind Belgium’s Marino Vanhoenacker and Spain’s Eneko Llanos.

This post originally appeared on the CourierMail website.

Ironman Melbourne 2013 race results

Melbourne, Australia

  • 1 Eneko Llanos

    0:20:30 4:28:50 2:43:35
    Finish 7:36:08

  • 2 Marino Vanhoenaker

    0:21:45 4:22:32 2:51:28
    Finish 7:38:59

  • 3 Craig Alexander

    0:20:33 4:29:03 2:46:44
    Finish 7:39:37

Craig Alexander Ironman 2013Craig Alexander on the run leg of the Melbourne Ironman. Picture: Michael Klein Source: Herald Sun

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