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Urban Hotel Group Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship Start Lists Announced

March 21st, 2013

The Urban Hotel Group Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship in Melbourne will boast more than 60 professional triathletes on March 24, including three-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander, 2012 champion Caroline Steffen and the Belgian powerhouse Marino Vanhoenacker.

A field of more than 40 male athletes have signed on to compete, with a strong mix of international and local talent set to contest for the Urban Hotel Group Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship later this month.

With Marino Vanhoenacker, Jordan Rapp, Jan Raphael, Cameron Brown, Tyler Butterfield, Eneko Llanos, Tom Lowe, Per Bittner, Sylvain Sudrie and Jimmy Johnsen just a few of the internationals on the start list, the locals will have to be on their game to ensure the Greg Welch Trophy remains in Australia.

The same applies in the women’s professional race, as the likes of Caroline Steffen, Meredith Kessler, Natascha Badmann, Gina Crawford, Tenille Hoogland, Yvonne Van Vlerken and Bree Wee all on board for a short at the Michellie Jones Trophy.

Last year Steffen created history in Melbourne, winning the first women’s Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship in the light-speed time of 8:34:51. The Sunshine Coast-based pro was on fire at the recent Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, finishing second behind Australia’s Melissa Hauschildt.

Steffen rightfully heads into Melbourne as the pre-event favourite, but with 27 women on the start list, the challenges will be coming from all angles on race day.

Elite Men

Craig Alexander M Australia
Cameron Brown M New Zealand
Marino Vanhoenacker M Belgium
Eneko Llanos M Spain
Jordan Rapp M USA
Luke Bell M Australia
David Dellow M Australia
Tim Berkel M Australia
Jan Raphael M Germany
Clayton Fettell M Australia
Mitchell Anderson M Australia
Simon Billeau M France
Per Bittner M Germany
Dan Brown M Philippines
Matt Burton M Australia
Tyler Butterfield M Bermuda
Ben Cotter M Canada
Balazs Csoke M United States
Scott DeFilippis M United States
Victor Del Corral M Spain
Gregory Farrell M Australia
Joe Gambles M Australia
Leon Griffin M Australia
Yeunsik Ham M Korea, Republic of
Jarmo Hast M Finland
Todd Israel M Australia
Jimmy Johnsen M Denmark
Jeremy Jurkiewicz M France
Christian Kemp M Australia
Joseph Lampe M Australia
Christopher Legh M Australia
Thomas Lowe M United Kingdom
Brian McLeod M Australia
Timothy Molesworth M Australia
Casey Munro M Australia
Tim Reed M Australia
Josh Rix M Australia
Mike Schifferle M Switzerland
Sylvain Sudrie M France
Kevin Taddonio M United States
Craig Twigg M United Kingdom
Petr Vabrousek M Czech Republic
David Vazquez M Spain
Matty White M Australia
Jonathon Woods M Australia


Elite Women

Caroline Steffen F Switzerland
Meredith Kessler F United States
Gina Crawford F New Zealand
Britta Martin F New Zealand
Carrie Lester F Australia
Nikki Butterfield F United States
Natascha Badmann F Switzerland
Bree Wee F United States
Rebecca Hoschke F Australia
Lisa Marangon F Australia
Corinne Abraham F United Kingdom
Anna Cleaver F Australia
Monica Dalidowicz F Canada
Elly Franks F Australia
Dede Griesbauer F United States
Kristy Hallett F Australia
Tamsyn Hayes F New Zealand
Tenille Hoogland F Canada
Nina Pekerman F Israel
Sarah Piampiano F United States
Anna Ross F New Zealand
Linda Schuecker F Germany
Jodie Scott F Australia
Amanda Stevens F United States
Keiko Tanaka F Japan
Yvonne Van Vlerken F Austria
Dana Wagner F Germany
Charisa Wernick F United States


This post originally appeared on the First Off the Bike website.


Craig Alexander Winning at MelbourneCraig Alexander Winning at Melbourne

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