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Toyota’s triathlete dream car

November 10th, 2013

Toyota has created the ultimate triathlon support vehicle, sporting innovative and unusual features.

A prototype vehicle specific for triathletes, the LifeTime Fitness RAV4 includes smart features like indentations in the roof in which to trap the wheels of a triathlon racing bike during transport as well as a wetsuit hanger complete with a drain so it dries on the way home.

The car includes a built in hot water shower, with a five-gallon water tank, so athletes can go home refreshed after a hard training session.

And to deal with the sweaty clothes, they’ve even provided a spin dryer with an ozone generator to eliminate smells. The car is also fitted with a mini fridge for healthy snacks and an industrial-strength blender for smoothies.

For relaxation, Toyota’s triathlon car is equipped with heated shiatsu massage units on the front seats and a fancy sound system for soothing post ride music.

“This fun RAV4 brings together a triathlete’s passion for a healthy, active lifestyle and the drive for pushing ourselves to race faster and smarter,” says Sarah Haskins, one of three triathletes consulted for the project. “The cutting-edge tools incorporated in the vehicle will help us continue to build our racing skills, while enabling us to relax a little too.”

The LifeTime Fitness RAV4 went on display at the big SEMA aftermarket car products trade show in Las Vegas on 4 November.

This story was originally posted on USA Today. Image by Toyota.

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