Privacy is committed to supporting the ‘National Privacy Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information’ which set clear standards for the collection, access, storage and use of personal information which we obtain as part of our business operations.

Our respect for our subscribers’ right to privacy of their personal information is paramount. We have policies and procedures to ensure that all personal information, no matter how or where it is obtained, is handled sensitively, securely, and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

This Privacy Policy sets out: matters of which you should be aware regarding information we may collect about you, our policies on the management of personal information, and generally, what sort of information we hold, for what purposes, and how we collect, hold, use and disclose that information.

Please contact us immediately at if you have any concerns and we will take the time to understand your individual circumstances and address any concerns.


We will only collect information that is necessary for the proper performance of our tasks or functions.

We do not collect personal information just because we think it could be useful at some future stage if we have no present need for it.

We do not collect or use personal information for the purposes of unlawful discrimination.

We may decline to collect unsolicited personal information from or about you and may take such measures as we think appropriate to purge it from our systems.

Type of Personal Information Held collects Personal Information to customize the content and/or layout of the Website for each member and to contact members regarding their areas of interest. If a subscriber chooses to place an order through the Website, we would also collect additional information including, but not limited to, the member’s name, billing address, delivery address, date of birth, date of order, and product ordered (“Transaction Information”). also collects Non-Personal Information or general statistics about each user that visits the Website. Non-Personal Information is collected and recorded to understand statistics and usage of the Website. Non-Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), IP (Internet Protocol) address, the type of web browser used, which pages a user visits, and other site usage data. This information is completely anonymous and used to analyse Website traffic and other statistics relating to the usage of its Website.

Purposes for which we hold personal information

We primarily hold personal information for the following:

  • Sharing of triathlon, health, fitness and lifestyle knowledge;
  • Marketing to you; but only where this is permitted and whilst you are registered with us.


We may disclose your personal information for any of the purposes for which it is primarily held or for a related purpose where lawfully permitted.

We may disclose your personal information where we are under a legal duty to do so, including circumstances where we are under a contractual or lawful duty of care to disclose information.

We do not share personal information about you with government agencies, organisations or any one else unless one of the following applies:

  • You have consented;
  • You would reasonably expect, or have been told, that information of that kind is usually passed to those individuals, bodies or agencies;
  • it is required or authorised by law;
  • it will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s life or health;
  • the disclosure is reasonably necessary for the enforcement of the criminal law or of a law imposing a pecuniary penalty, or for the protection of public revenue.

Referring Friends

We encourage you to refer friends to From time to time, we provide you a unique referral link which you can share directly with others, e-mail, social media websites, or other communication methods. If someone clicks your link and takes a qualifying action or joins the community, we may attribute that referral to you for purposes such as awarding you a reward. We do not collect any Personal or Non-Personal Information about the persons with whom you share your link until the persons click the link and engage directly with If a person clicks the link, the website automatically collects Non-Personal Information, which may include the person’s IP address, ISP, and other Non-Personal Information. Personal Information is only collected if the person chooses to sign up and become a subscriber of

Third Party Privacy Practices

The Website may contain links to third party websites, products, and services. These websites may include but are not limited to product providers or social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Information collected by these third party websites is governed by their privacy practices and is not subject to this privacy policy. We are not responsible for how these third party websites collect, use, disclose, distribute, or maintain Personal and Non-Personal Information. If you visit a third party website listed on the Website, you do so at your own risk. We encourage you to learn about the privacy practices of those third parties prior to providing them with information or taking advantage of an offer or promotion.

Your Zone Website Content is not responsible for protecting any Personal Information that you post on our Your Zone blog or on social media web pages associated with Although we reserve the right to monitor any postings, all Personal Information that is posted on these websites is unprotected and can be seen by anyone with access to the specific website.


Subject to some exceptions that are set out in privacy law, you can gain access to the personal information that we hold about you.

Important exceptions include evaluative opinion material obtained confidentially in the course of our performing reference checks and access that would impact on the privacy rights of other people. We do refuse access if it would breach any confidentiality that attaches to that information or if it would interfere with the privacy rights of other people. In many cases evaluative material contained in references that we obtain will be collected under obligations of confidentiality that we make and which the communicator of that information is entitled to expect will be observed.

If you wish to obtain access to your personal information you should contact our Privacy Co-ordinator by email to  You will need to be in a position to verify your identity.

We might impose a moderate charge in providing access.  Our Privacy Co-ordinator would discuss these with you.

You should also anticipate that it may take a little time to process your application for access as there may be a need to retrieve information from storage and review information in order to determine what information may be provided. We will generally respond to your request for access within 20 working days.

Electronic Transactions

This section explains how we handle personal information collected from our website and by other technology in the course of electronic transactions.

It is important that you understand that there are risks associated with use of the internet and you should take all appropriate steps to protect your personal information.  It might help you to look at:

It is important that you:

  • Know your rights: read our privacy policy, collection statementandconsent to electronic transactions.
  • Be careful what information you share on the Web.
  • Use privacy tools on the site – control access to your search listingandprofile.
  • Make sure your anti-virus and data protection software is up-to-date.


When an individual looks at our website, our internet service provider makes a record of the visit and logs (in server logs) the following information for statistical purposes:

  • the individual’s server address
  • the individual’s top level domain name (for example .com, .gov, .org, .au, etc)
  • the pages the individual accessed and documents downloaded
  • the previous site the individual visited and
  • the type of browser being used.

We do not identify users or their browsing activities except, in the event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the internet service provider’s server logs.

We do not accept responsibility for the privacy policy of any other site to which our site has a hyperlink, and it is advisable to look at the privacy policy of other sites before disclosing personal information.


Cookies are uniquely numbered identification numbers like tags which are placed on your browser. By themselves cookies do not identify you personally, but they may link back to a database record about you. If you register on our site we may link your cookie back to your personal information details.

This site uses cookies to monitor usage of the website, to enable purchases, and to create a personal record of when you visit our website and what pages you view. Cookies are necessary to enable Google Analytics on our web site, but if you do not wish us to retain any information about your visit to our site you could delete the cookies on your browser and change the settings on your web browser program.

Cloud Computing Services

We cannot guarantee that any recipient of your personal information will protect it to the standard to which it ought be protected. The costs and difficulties of enforcement of privacy rights in foreign jurisdictions or against third parties and the impracticability of attempting to enforce such rights in some jurisdictions will mean that in some instances, we will need to seek your consent to disclosure.

In cases where we use cloud computing services we will take reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • disclosure of your personal information to the cloud service provider is consistent with our disclosure obligations under the Privacy Principles. This may include ensuring that we have obtained your consent, or that the disclosure is for purposes within your reasonable expectations.
  • disclosure is consistent with any other legal obligations, such as the restrictions on the disclosure of tax file number information or the disclosure by private employment agencies of jobseeker details;
  • our Cloud computing services provider’s terms of service recognise that we are bound by obligations to protect the privacy of your personal information and that they will not do anything that would cause us to breach those obligations.

Uploading photographs

Please make sure that you do not upload photographs of any individuals who have not given consent to the display of their photograph. Displaying photographs without that person’s consent may breach privacy laws, and you may be responsible for any legal consequences.


Our technology systems log emails received and sent and may include voting, and read and receipt notifications to enable tracking.

When your email address is received by us because you send us a message, the email address will only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which you have provided it and it will not be added to a mailing list or used or disclosed for any other purpose without your consent other than as may be permitted or required by law. 

Future Changes

This policy may change over time in light of changes to privacy laws, technology and business practice.  If you use our website regularly it is important that you check this policy regularly to ensure that you are aware of the extent of any consent, authorisation or permission you might give.



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