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Adam McCarthy’s Ironmans to raise money for Testicular Cancer Research

June 4th, 2016

Adam McCarthy’s Ironmans to raise money for Testicular Cancer Research

Hi, my name is Adam McCarthy
Two years ago during my preparation for my first Ironman I had increasing pain in my groin and just put it down to spending so much more time on a bike than my body was used to. In the weeks following the race the pain increased and I knew something was not right. After a 5 minute chat with my doctor and a physical examination he told me I had nothing to worry about – he thought the bike was more than likely causing the pain, but I knew there was more to it and insisted on more tests.

He agreed, stating “They will come back clear, but I’ll send you for an ultra sound”.
And sure enough after a few tests I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Swiftly organised radical surgery following early diagnosis sees me sitting here today and able to tell my story.

My wife Keily also recently recovered from removal of a ‘borderline ovarian tumour’. With the benefit of early diagnosis and treatment, she has made a full recovery and is fit and healthy.

We are two of the fortunate ones who, through early detection and diagnosis we are able to be treated and are here to tell our story and we want to encourage others to do the same.

You could say that training for an Ironman enables you to be very in touch with and aware of your body. With that knowledge I knew even against doctor’s opinion that something wasn’t right. There could have been a very different ending to my situation. I believe you can say that Ironman saved my life.

In order to give back to this sport and in honour of the respect I have for Ironman and all it has done for me I propose to complete 6 IRONMAN races in 12 months, the Grand Slam of Ironman.

I have just started my challenge in New Zealand followed by Port Macquarie, I am just about to head to Cairns, Busselton, back to New Zealand 2017. With the cancelation of Melbourne Ironman I will have to head back to Port Mac to complete my challenge or if I can get enough funding I will head to Malaysia in November, or ultimately would love the opportunity of adding Kona to complete my challenge. I will use this to promote early detection and diagnosis of all cancers so that many others like me will have a healthy future and their own story to tell.

My goal is to raise $50,000 to support a cure for cancer as well as seek funding to support my Grand Slam Tour. All additional funds will be donated to ANZUP (a not for profit organization that conduct clinical trial research to improve treatments for bladder, kidney, testicular and prostate cancers). I have established a fund supporting a cure for cancer as well as seeking funding to support my Grand Slam Tour.

To be given the chance to compete in Kona would not only fulfil a lifelong dream and be an experience of a life time but would give me the chance to get share my story and get my message [“a 5 minute chat with your doctor could just save your life”] across to such a wider audience.

I have had such amazing support from family and friends along with the continual support from my sponsors TEAM Tri Coaching, Endura Sports Nutrition, Wheel Science, Bayswater Foot And Ankle, Fusion multisport and Property Way making this all happen. This will be a long and emotional but very rewarding journey and would love you to be part of it.

Kind regards,
Adam McCarthy.



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