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Contributed by - Andrew Venables
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Ashton inspiring us all

October 30th, 2012

18 months ago we lost our son in a single vehcle accident he was 2 weeks shy of turning 19 – his and my dream was to get to race at Kona, TOGETHER – this will never happen now but the dream we had still lives strong inside me and in 5 weeks I will race my 4th Ironman at Busselton… I have gone from 108kg to 78kgs in the process of fulfiling that dream – a tough road to travel but a very wortthwile journey to make.
We have set up a charity in memory of Ashton – – ALL monies raised are used to assist youth achieve their dreams and pursue their goals in life.
My goal is still to make Kona and race for my son, but I also have set my target as 19 Ironmans, as Ashton was close to turning 19 when the accident occured.
Ironman Triathlons certainly let me deal with my loss a lot better than I would without this sport – the people who do it, the family feel amongst competitors, the pros who keep everything in perspective – it all goes toward me keeping persepective….
I wanted to share this story and hope somewhere – if just one person gets inspired enough to make a change in their life then it is well worth it – perhaps one day you could race for Ashton as well.
Craig you are a credit to the sport and to your self…..

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