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Contributed by - Stephen Parun
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Fight back after life threatening disease

July 14th, 2018

Just over 3 years ago I had a massive heart attack just before meeting my mates on a nice sunny London April evening, 2 lovely lady off duty Doctors saved my life with CPR, then 2 x defibrillator shocks I started breathing after 18 minutes, rushed to hospital I awoke after 24 hours in an induced coma, I had a stent placed in my LAD artery, all other arteries are clean I was told, I can’t walk, I can’t move, broken ribs, what can I do. I was reasonably fit a cyclist, played sport all my life, my Uncle, brother and sister were all professional sportsman, my brother came all the way from New Zealand to see me in hospital.

I fought back, after 6 months I went on a strict diet, following year I finished very well in a cycling Sportive in Morzine, France. Following year things were looking well, last October I decided why not enter an Ironman, maybe with climbs on the cycling route. I trained and trained, went to Nice, France June this year and finished my 1st triathlon and my 1st Ironman! with a bad case of posterior tibial tendinitis some how I finished the run in 4 hours, so much pain in my lower leg I have no idea how I finished, I gritted my teeth and I won, I fought back, I’ve fought this disease that affects so many people. Next on the list Lanzarote, Spain Ironman 2019! Haven’t picked a hard one have I…..!!!!

This is a message for for anyone that “Anything is possible” – keep fighting.

Ironman, Nice France

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