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Contributed by - David Roher
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I Broke My Arm 6 Weeks Before IMAZ 2012

August 14th, 2013

It was a beautiful September Sunday. I was biking along at a good speed and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor. I picked my self up and wiggled my fingers. Ok, bruised but not broken. I checked the bike. I small scratch on the handle bars. I started biking home. I was bruised and I figured I go home and ice my injuries. I looked down and noticed that the handle bars were wobbling. Ok, the handle bars were not moving, my arm was.
I had been hit by a car and I suspected that my arm had been broken.
I made it home, went to the hospital and took some x-rays.
Broke my ulna (smaller of the two for arm bones).
“Looks like you are going to need surgery” Says the P.A.
“Ok, lets do it.” I have a race coming up and the sooner we do this, the better my chances of being ready.
It took me a week to get back on the bike. I had a friend set it up as a stationary in the garage.
It took 9 days for the follow up with the dr. He unwrapped me like a X Mas gift. Buried under more layers than a chocolate cake was my arm.
One by one he plucked the staples out and send me on my way.
(No cast?)
Get that arm moving he told me.
(No restrictions?)
Nope. bike, run even swim if I want to.
(Swim right away?)
Ok, wait 5 days on the swimming but start showering right away.
So the next day I went out and ran 13.1 miles.
(How did that feel?)
My quads and hamstrings were screaming at me from not being stretched out for 10 days.
(No silly, how did the arm feel?)
Oh that. It felt fine. No discomfort at all.
Swimming was another story.
2 weeks after surgery I swam a 500. The wrist hurt. Every few days I swam a little farther.
It wasn’t until 21 days before the race that I was able to actually swim 2.4 miles without pain.
On November I entered the water. I swam slower than I ever have, but I made it out of the water before the cut off. I biked, then I ran, but I was close. In the last 2 miles I had to ignore the pain in my feet from blisters and run…
…with less than 4 minutes on the clock I heard, “David Roher, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!”

6 Weeks after breaking my arm, I came back and finished Ironman Arizona

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