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October 12th, 2013

I’ve been following CB’s work for years. His TT pcrduot has really helped in achieving and maintaining my weight. This new book shows how Craig has become an authority in helping people develop an structured plan to replace their main income or to create a second one. The book is very detailed in theory; however, Craig adds tips and real-life examples from his experience. This by itself is very valuable.One thing I learned from the book is the concept of passion, translated to the making money online realm. I have always conceived passion as my hobbies, and tried to translate that into a pcrduot or niche market. However, Craig shows us that passion can also come in other ways (people, processes, etc.). Only this idea pays the price of the book.I’d recommend to anyone looking to start an internet business to subscribe and look for Craig’s work, either on ETR, Internet Independence or Turbulence Training. He’s a good example of how a dedicated person, with perseverance and a structured method can triumph online.Cheers,Giovanni

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