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Contributed by - Paul Thomas
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June 16th, 2017

Hi this really is a speculative message :-) .. Both my friend and I have qualified for Kona 2017 which is something that we\’ve been chasing for a while now. I qualified in IM Cozumel and my good pal and best friend Huw qualified at IM Wales. We both train out of Ystradgynlais in the swansea valley south wales, which is very close to where your family are from. In fact Huw and I have created a new Tri Club which is based in the area and is growing very quickly. Huw regularly speaks with your uncle Ken and cousin Dr Sally Alexandra. Huw and i also ride Argon E119\’s :-) and are of course for various other reasons huge fans of yours. We were wondering whether you could perhaps give us a few tips in how to prepare for the big challenge ahead and provide us with some insight into the island / course given your huge experience. If you\’re at this years event do you think it would be possible to catch up and get a photo with yourself and our bikes, that would be really cool. I\’ve attached my work email address below hopefully you\’ll have some time available to get in touch

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