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Contributed by - Paul Migliorino
Tag   My Motivation


February 12th, 2013

Ok! I have been training for two years. It would be my frist full iron.i have run fove
26.2 thirty years ago! My best is three hour one minute! White rock lake marathon
Im 58 years old and have been gifted with good health… I want to win,not only my
Age group, :) .. And nor am i joking!! I love the feeling of max fit, in me Alex!! I ask yoi
One thing out right dirert to you… Please in all my heart, this is very very important
To me..My sister ann past seven years ago! Before she past, she said do one for you Paul
, and i know she new it made me happy!! Im training! Im a carpenterand taking care ofmy
88 yesr old mom… Its hard! I look and feel in my 30s …not joking..I ask if possible,to meet me
Or call me 917) 923 4483… I need you to see the truth in me!! So please call me.. Paul…
My mom know nothing of what im doing, she a mom! I also have a brother in oklahoma.
Charles Migliorino.. I need test to up grad myfelf so i have a chance to win!!! Ill do the work!!
Sponcership is what i need, when you see me you will know!! :) :) lol Paul

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