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Lost Ones, loved ones

December 26th, 2013

Mr. Alexander,
I have been doing triathlon for the last 2 years and a half! I am a long way from being an athlete, I was 215 pounds at 5 feet 6 inches! now at 170 lbs in summer, I had open heart surgery at 25 yeasr old + I was born with a club foot so after 4 operation ihave a shorter and smaller leg which makes me a very very bbslow runner.

My brother in law Alain was the real athlete in the family, he was a very good age grouper doing triathlon since the last 20 years, he was the founder of the triathlon club in my hometown. 3 years ago at the same time of the year he was diagnose with colon cancer ! he passed away last February, I had the chance to spend quite a few time with him, he gave me swimming course ! which I needed very bad. The family lived very intense moment that will remind in my heart for the rest of my life. Since this everytime I go train, i think about him. He is the one who gives me the motivation to practice this beautiful sport.
I include a photo of my first sprint triathlon and Alain is in the center with my nephew on the right! I feel lucky to had the chance to get closer to him during the last year, almost everyday we were there! he was a man of few words but he was always gathering people around him. He never brag about his Ironman time or his succes in triathlon, his dream was to go to Kona!!!! A good frind of him who qualified for 2013 did bring his ashes an were disperse in the ocean in Kona.His frind Hubert was crying doing this.
My nephew Pier-Luc and me register in the Half Ironman Timberman for August 2014 and I do not know if i will be able to finish this race but one thing for sure I will try my best and I will surely think about him during all the race. My nephew and 2 more friends are wondering in what time they will do the race while me I am wondering if I will finish that race! anyway I feel lucky only to be alive and we all miss Alain so much, but this race will be done in his memory. My nephew gave me your book for Christmas and I read it all today! Very inspiring and super b/w pictures!
Hopefuly I can meet you someday to sign my book ( i collect sporting autograph).

I wish you the best for 2014, health first for you and your beautiful family! and then a super good race in Kona for 2014!

André Audet
Drummondville, Canada

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