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Contributed by - Hanna Saarinen
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My journey to professional athlete

June 18th, 2016

Hi! I’m Hanna, passionate girl from Finland. I have crazy dreams and goals in my life. But is believe that if you really want something and work for it anything is possible. I have already proved that once, I have dyslexia, I’m not book smart and never been good at English but three years ago I moved in England to study sport science. I have one year left and I working to make my biggest dream to come true.

I have two goals: I want run a marathon in Olympic Games and complete the triathlon in Kona. Before those I would like to go 2017 London athletics world championships. And start living like a professional athlete and some day as I first learn to swim properly do the triathlon.

I set up go fund me page:
This is the first time ever when I ask help from public and people I don’t know. I used to fight my own battles and earn my own money and keep goals to myself.
Even though I’m a student I don’t really have much friends, because I’m that weird girl who never go to pub after university or nightclubs in the weekends. I got asked a lot why, or why I can just skip my training sometimes and go keep fun. But true is that I don’t enjoy pubs or night outs, I love training because I know that I working on my future so why to waste time.
I don’t have supporters or even coach, as I’m not succeed athlete yet and my university haven’t athletic club. Also it’s seem to be impossible to find a coach who will take seriously my crazy goals and still fit student budget. I have read and studied so much about training and everything but of course it’s not the same thing than having a coach. University and sport takes all my time, as I mentioned I’m not book smart so I need to work hard to get good marks or even understand anything, this means that I don’t have any time to go work.

My mom is always been my biggest supporter and inspiration, because of she I came strong person who don’t give up. She has always support me even though she don’t have much and I would like to give her back all the help that she had ever done and gave. Asking help for others even my mom it’s so difficult, but I hope that one day I can help those people who are in my shoes and seeking help and support. I believe that as long as people love each other and don’t be selfish world can be an amazing place to be.

I have always get inspired by strong people such as my mom or Craig Alexander and other athletes who have been fighting something that they saw even other didn’t. I hope that one day I can inspire some to make her/his dream come true!

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