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Contributed by - Brian Gibson
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My road to the Ironman with Team CCFA

June 11th, 2014

First off, this is not MY charity. I am helping with fundraising for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America as a part of my training for the Ironman. With that aside, I have been interested in doing an Ironman for a number of years now and when I saw the Ironman coming to a nearby city I jumped at the opportunity to do it. Through the end of last year and the first of this year I have had to deal with the struggles of finding time and motivation but recently I have acquired both. I have been training hard for it for the past two months, five to six days a week one to two disciplines a day. Of the three disciplines, the bike would be my strongest, then the run and lastly the swim. I just finished a long 78 mile bike ride this past Sunday and have finally started to feel good on the swim. I had to teach myself how to swim by watching youtube videos and going to my pool to try the techniques. I couldn’t hold my breath under water without holding my nose so I had to start there. I then began to swim across the short end of my local pool which was at best 30 feet. Then winter came and being that it was a outdoor pool, my swim time was quickly going away. I am now back to a swimming at a gym that has a indoor lap pool and doing pretty good. I can swim 400-500 meters in about half an hour and my swim days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. My bike training is Tuesdays and Thursdays I ride out from the house to make a local 30 mile group ride 40 miles. I ride with a group but try to stay out front as much as I can so I’m doing a lot of the work. On Sunday is my long solo ride. Usually 10-20 miles longer than my last rides. As for running right now I am not doing any. I am a little heavier then I would like to be so I am doing as much biking and swimming to lose weight so I don’t hurt my knees running. Each month I am losing between 10-12 pounds so I tink by July I will start running again. I have a facebook page when I post my progress and where you can go to donate to Team CCFA. ( ) and if anyone wants to go straight to my donation page to donate it is Thank you for the time to read my story and may God bless you along your Journey.

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