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Contributed by - Gary Paul Mahaney
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Recovery and Triumph

January 23rd, 2013

Hello, my name is Gary P. Mahaney ( U.S. Border Patrol Agent) and I am a fan of Craig Alexander who exemplifies greatness. I just purchased his book and can’t wait to read it over and over. His Greatness starts with his family and extends to his professional pursuits.
On June 13th 2012 I was searching for an interesting and challenging way to improve my physical fitness and I began looking around at the natural landscape of the town in which I live and it dawned on me that I should try triathlon. Where I live has long hilly roads, and several lakes, and would provide me an opportunity to test my body in new ways. I decided to do it and enlisted two friends/coworkers to join me. We purchased bikes, wetsuits, trained 7 days a week, decided which race we would try this season, and started training and learning as much about the sport as possible.
This training and comradery was a welcome change from the painful recovery my family and I still endure. On July 19th, 2011 at 1:30 a.m. a logging truck lost control and struck our home killing my 5 year old son Liam who was asleep on our sofa. My wife was injured badly (5 pelvic fractures, an injured hip, concussion), and I a partially lacerated achilles tendon. Fortunately I was able to free my 13 year old son Preston (who has Down Syndrome) from beneath the logs, and my other two children, Grant age 9 (Austistic), and Grace age 5 who were asleep upstairs, but despite my best efforts and efforts by those who came to our rescue I was not able to save Liam. Our physical and mental journey have been difficult but my new friend named Triathlon has given me a sense purpose and enjoyment I would have thought impossible 18 months ago.
My first Triathlon was the 2012 “Timberman” IRONMAN 70.3, which I finished exactly 13 months removed from that horriffic night. Later that summer I also completely the “Mainiac” Sprint Triathlon, and the Poconos IRONMAN 70.3. I plan to complete several more IRONMAN races this year and wish to one day complete a full distance IRONMAN.
We all need a purpose, positive outlet, and a challenge that can change our life and the lives of those around us. I encourage anyone who may read this get inspired to overcome their challenges and funnel that energy into something positive and Tri harder. I’m so greatful to have found triathlon as it has helped me rebuild my life and in many ways live a better one.
Thank you,
Gary Mahaney
Jackman, Maine, U.S.A.

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