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Spring Cycle Sydney

October 8th, 2012

In its 29th year, the Spring Cycle proudly supported by Transport for NSW, will once again bring together 10,000 people to fill the streets with bicycles.

The Spring Cycle is a celebration of cycling, a celebration of spring and a celebration of Sydney’s iconic landscape. Not only does the ride give you the unique opportunity to ride over the main deck of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Cahill Express Way, Macquarie Street and all the way down to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in the Botanic Gardens, but it also allows you the chance to discover many km’s of cycleways throughout the Sydney metro area.

The Spring Cycle will take place on the 21st October and will offer two ride options:

1. The City Ride (part of the Sydney Rides Festival).
2. The Classic Ride (part of the Festival of Cycling).

There are also two big festivals, one for each finish line.

1. City Ride finishes at the Pyrmont Festival Finish.
2. Classic Ride finishes at the Olympic Park Festival Finish.

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