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Contributed by - <Thomas Kliesspiess
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triathlon, the source of my motivation

March 23rd, 2013

Hello my name is Thomas Kliesspiess, i am from Austria (Europe – we have no kangaroos in our country ;-) ).
My story is not that old. Last year i started with triathlon and finished my first half ironman (austria triathlon podersdorf 2012) in 5:18. In my case with an congenital heart disease which didnt effect my so much. So i got the chance to get a ticket for the ironman austria 2013. this was my goal and i trained pretty hard to get fit for a good time this year.
Then i went to the doc to get a checkup, but then the doc found out that my faulty aortic valve affected a aneurysma of my aorta. There was only a chance to have a surgery because the risk was to high to life with it. I think Norman Stadler had the same surgery years ago.
Now i had the surgery 3 weeks ago and i am in a good condition for this kind of surgery.
In the last month i was confronted with many questions how my life will change. is it still possible to finish an ironman, is it possible to do any sport ..

At the moment 3 weeks after surgery i have now 74km on my trainings account (walking and running). I am so happy about it and the myth of the ironman pushes my as well as crowies stories in his book and on all the videos about ali´i´drive on the ironman webside.

My motivation is still there to finish the austrian ironman on the 30th of june. First priority is of course my health and so i decided to set a point in the beginning of june where my fitness have to be on a level to finish the ironman.

so the story continues … maybe there is a change to be at the same competion with crowie sometime ;-)

stay motivated … sincerely Thomas

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