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Contributed by - vikas
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unsuccessful in life

August 2nd, 2014

My name is vikas mohan salunke ,age-32 ,ht-5″8 ,country -india ,city -pune, contact no.8087620263 . belong toilet bowl cleaner family ,when i child i love only sports but not any at least humble support but will do lots of sports but every time when go to the good stage build big problem front of me (money ) .now i am doing triathlon Olympic distance ( 3 years ) and doing in good state and national level ( last year qualified to national level ) also i am own do to my practiced no coach and will watch every time u r videos and tips also sir ! you are inspire me lots of . thank you so much sir ,you created web site that’s why will connect you .take care u r health and peace .i am waiting for reply,sir ?


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